Sick Equipment Update

Guess who finally got an upgrade from the machine that’s older than your mom?

I got myself the Singer Stylist, a damn fine machine with a variety of features that I have no idea what to do with. It turns out that if you’ve been using the exact same settings for every project, you may not actually need over 100 stitch options.

I have yet to sew anything with it, but I will be posting as soon as I make a project. Stay tuned for a review when it happens, betches.


Welcome Crafty Betches

Hey there.

I’m a self-described crafty betch. I like to make things because I’m a picky asshole and I currently have a lot of free time. With this free time I decided to start a blog because that seems what every youth with a computer thinks they should do. Whatever

I realize that this blog has a very specific and teeny-tiny audience: millennials who know how and like to sew and other shit. I alienate the older crowd with my slang and the youngsters with the content. However, I don’t care and that’s what makes me a betch.

If I post, it will be done erratically, so expect literally nothing. Bye betches